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Christopher Marks

A very in-depth analysis of whether or not a college education, generally speaking, is a financially prudent investment. Given exorbitant tuition costs, over-specialisation of degree programs, and the saturation of the labour market with college graduates, the ROI on a college education is declining rapidly compared to previous years.

A college education is still a valuable tool for increasing social mobility, especially amongst children born into households in the poorest fifth of the income distribution. Which is more reason to lower tuition fees.

"Perhaps the strongest argument for caring about higher education is that it can increase social mobility, regardless of whether the human-capital theory or the signalling theory is correct. A recent study by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco showed that children who are born into households in the poorest fifth of the income distribution are six times as likely to reach the top fifth if they graduate from college. Providing access to college for more kids from deprived backgrounds helps nurture talents that might otherwise go to waste, and it’s the right thing to do."

College Calculus: What's the Real Value of Higher Education? | New Yorker

Christopher Marks

Easing a path to absolution for abortion is a wise move in bringing those who felt disenfranchised by the Catholic church back. It also shows that the Vatican is adapting its beliefs to cater to new liberal catholic ideology.

"'I have met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision,' Francis said in a statement released by the Vatican. 'What has happened is profoundly unjust; yet only understanding the truth of it can enable one not to lose hope.'"

Pope Francis Eases Path to Absolution for Abortion for a Year | NY Times

Christopher Marks

The migrant crisis in Europe is horrific. The EU must come together to reach a workable, humanitarian solution.

"The Austrian police, who on Sunday night began checking vehicles crossing from Hungary, reported finding 200 migrants and arresting at least five people suspected of being smugglers. The Austrian authorities argued that they had no choice after the deaths of 71 migrants, whose decomposing bodies were found Thursday in the truck, which had come from Hungary."

Migrant Crisis Tests Core European Values: Open Borders | NY Times

Christopher Marks

Analysing trends using Big Data has the potential to improve the accuracy of economic forecasts.

"Properly used, new data sources have the potential to revolutionise economic forecasts. In the past, predictions have had to extrapolate from a few unreliable data points. In the age of Big Data, the challenge will lie in carefully filtering and analysing large amounts of information. It will not be enough simply to gather data; in order to yield meaningful predictions, the data must be placed in an analytical framework."

What big data could do for economic forecasts | World Economic Forum

Christopher Marks

31 things? Easy!

"17. Lack of a safety net: Let’s face it: If you try to pursue your dreams and you fail, there’s nothing really keeping you from ending up in the gutter. This is a towering psychological hurdle for you to overcome, but you can do it, buddy!"

The Only 31 Things Standing Between You And Your Dreams | Clickhole

Christopher Marks

I really admire the author of this article and his fintech journalist wife's commitment to Bitcoin and how they accordingly educate their children.

Also, this is charmingly adorable:
"My kids are very much acclimatized to Bitcoin around their everyday lives. Joshua is losing a tooth and knows that under his pillow there may be a paper QR code containing bitcoin. As each day goes by, both my children will learn the basics of economics through the use of Bitcoin."

We are a Bitcoin Family | Jamie Redman

Christopher Marks

Coupled with arguments about the "real" unemployment rate, politicians claiming that increased global trade hurts the US economy highlights their economic illiteracy (or, more insidiously, their intention to purposefully misconstrue the truth).

"This error is among the oldest and most difficult to kill in economics — not only because this error is serviceable to domestic producers who greedily seek protection from competition, but also because it appeals to people who refuse to think beyond what is immediately and blindingly obvious."

The Oldest Fallacy in Economics | FEE

Christopher Marks

Clickhole on point as always.

"2. Potential employers will start jumping in front of your car."

8 Reasons Everyone Should Learn How To Code | Clickhole

Christopher Marks

BuzzFeed coming up big with this list of salsas, damn. You keep doing you BuzzFeed.

21 Incredibly Easy Salsa Recipes You Need To Try | BuzzFeed

Christopher Marks

Bojack Horseman is my absolute favourite show on Netflix right now. It's interplay of dark themes, absurdity, and emphasis on character work make it an immensely enjoyable and reflective watch.

Why the creator of Bojack Horseman embraces sadness | The Verge