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Christopher Marks

If there's height bias in the workplace, explain child labour

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I write down the random thoughts that pop into my head when commuting in to central London. Here's a select few:

  • If there's height bias in the workplace, explain child labour 
  • If a train below the ground is called the subway, shouldn't a train in the sky be called the superway?
  • In the same way there's public toilets, there should be public kitchens cleaned daily
  • When your host family gifts you a goat it's sweet, but when I do it it's "eating all the furniture and a complete nuisance"
  • "Our current system is a 3-legged table, and while some would call that a stool, it's actually just a piece of shit"
  • Rationale: online education is proliferating
    Examples: duolingo, Coursera, Udacity, edx, khanacademy
    Focus is mainly on giving people alternative qualifications to a university education, or being a quick app that you spend 5-10 min on a day to learn a skill like language or coding
    The problem: our existing education system is guided by crappy research into gamifying the learning process and making kids intrinsically motivated to learn, politics in the education system, and politics about public funding. The system is extrinsically driven - which is ridiculous for something as intrinsically rewarding as learning.
    Background: I come from a family of educators (grandad, grandma, mum, Andrew, dad in his own way). I went to montessori school, was home schooled, went to a half home school half regular school, went to a private high school. I struggled with reading as a kid, and became a qualified reading tutor. I've also used Coursera, sololearn, Udacity, khanacademy, duolingo, and others to try and learn.
    Levels 0-12 where 0 is pre kindergarten, focuses on fundamentals like reading, association, mathematical reasoning, creative thought 
    Sources to pull from: math club, read America, mum (heavily), grandads research, breakthrough silicon Valley, Reading partners, camp otarbos. There's going to be an absurd amount more of similar groups in the bay. Could grade assignments using a ML algorithm, that errs on the side of being conservative and reviewed by an individual. Eventually would want to hire full time teachers
    Long term goal is to completely replace traditional schooling and university and be the place teachers aspire to work at. Medium term goal is to be a supplement to traditional schooling across all ages excluding university. Short term goal is to create a pre-k foundations curriculum. We would focus on the youngest age groups first. As you get older you have more options to specialise and get more choice with your courses, but the younger years have a required base. 
    Pricing: Premium services would be on the spot tutors, a subscription that ensures all assignments are graded by a human, added stuff for standardised testing.
    Company could be called Foundations.
  • You can't arbitrage time forever
  • If you're gonna be full of shit, at least make sure it's firm
  • Life goal: start a company that becomes a verb