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Christopher Marks

Defaults are a powerful tool for encouraging beneficial behavior. It's time to progress from nudges designed to improve enrolment in inefficient systems to behaviorally designing systems in harmony with human nature.

"We can design public policies and (private) services that work with human nature and not against it. While nudges add a (thin) layer of human-friendliness, these behaviorally designed policies and services incorporate behavioral science knowledge in their very core."

The Nudge Is Not Enough! The Love Story Between Behavioral Science and Practical Applications |

Christopher Marks

I love The Onion.

“People might think they’re helping when they highlight the educational deficits of our school systems by comparing them to academic standouts like Finland or South Korea, but it’s just causing our schools to withdraw and come to the conclusion that they’re failures that don’t possess the intellect to do well. Instead, we should focus on what our institutions of learning are doing well, provide them with positive support, and let them know that we care about their future and that we know they can succeed.”

Study Finds Harshly Criticizing U.S. Education System Only Causing It To Fall Further Behind Peers | The Onion

Christopher Marks

Fascinating insight into the life of an investment banker facing legal charges for his manipulation of Libor. Eagerly awaiting part 3.

"'I probably deserve to be sitting here because, you know, I made concerted efforts to influence Libor,' he said at one point. 'Although I was operating within a system…in which it was commonplace, ultimately I was someone who was a serial offender within that.'"
-Tom Hayes, to the UK's Serious Fraud Office in an attempt to be convicted to avoid being charged in the US, where the sentences are much harsher

The Unraveling of Tom Hayes | WSJ

Christopher Marks

Private blockchains have the potential to reduce transaction costs for trading syndicated loans amongst other financial assets.

"In its most straightforward form, you could build a blockchain that is decentralized (among the participants) in sort of the same way that bitcoin is. Each participant could run the software simultaneously and keep separate copies of the transaction records, much the way that brokers currently keep their own accounts of what shares they own at DTC, but the "official" copy would be the one that participants agree on, rather than a centralized copy kept at one official arbiter like DTC. This has some advantages over the centralized database (what if DTC's computers crash?), and some disadvantages (uses more electricity), but it is not ultimately wildly conceptually different."

Blockchains for Banks Probably Can't Hurt | Bloomberg View

Christopher Marks

Life goals. I love how ergonomic these types of mini-houses are.

Freedom in 704 Square Feet | NY Times

Christopher Marks

In deciding between hiring workers as independent contractors (1099) or employees (W2), Joe Hernandez recommends analysing what you want the end customer experience to be, whether or not product differentiation comes from the workers or the technology, and advises keeping the platform open and flexible for workers.

"How a company decides to classify the type of worker it needs to run its business is really driven by what unique value the company is delivering to its customer."

Three Tips For Worker Classification For The Next On-Demand Startup | TechCrunch

Christopher Marks

$35k Tesla Model 3 Sedan to start production in 2017. Won't be able to afford it by then, BUT I WANT IT!

Tesla's $35,000 Model 3 Sedan To Start Production In 2 Years, Preorders Next March | TechCrunch

Christopher Marks

Adult lego blocks exist!! Take all of my money:

Christopher Marks

Absolutely hilarious.

"The moronic small-business owner, whose moral tenets are said to include basic human kindness and always trying to do what's right, reportedly never cuts any corners and is unwilling to fuck people over, poor habits that have led him into a life of endless mortgage payments, credit card debt, and a relatively small personal net worth."

High Integrity, Moral Decency Has Cost Idiot Man Millions | The Onion

Christopher Marks

Roof-top greenhouses fed by fish manure as a more energy and water efficient means of food production. Love it.

Also love how the founder of Edenworks' last name is Green.

"'Agriculture consumes 30 percent of global carbon energy, and 92 percent of global freshwater,' says Green. 'So you’ve got these intertwined problems around transportation, building infrastructure, and agriculture, and ultimately the solution is that agriculture becomes part of urban design.'"

Edenworks Is Building The Future Of Food On Urban Rooftops | TechCrunch